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About the author

After serving in the U. S. Military and working for the U. S. Department of Justice; I thought it was about time for the men and women in uniform of all types and those not wearing civilian clothes, to have their own dating platform. This will be a website by one of you for all of you. I was a Federal LEO and HR Specialist/Manager and a United States Army Reconnaissance/Scout team soldier. So, I know first hand how challenging it can be to find love and maintain it successfully while traveling the world and serving your country. I will bring this to you for an affordable and competitive price. I created this platform to please you all in finding love so just give it a chance.

As a youth; I had much success attracting people if it was in high school, in the military, in college, in the government, in all types of jobs, and in sports. And I do not mean strictly sexual; let me be clear. Nevertheless, I have been very successful on dating websites and apps attracting women from all over the world. At the same time; I was unhappy of how very few websites or none at all, catered to people in all types of Uniforms. Those other websites just said, gimme your money and take what we give you or if you do not like what we give you then get off of our platform. Nevertheless; many of my relationships were just platonic. It got to the point
people would ask me for advice on how to get that man or woman. They even wanted me to write books about everything I knew about the dating world. So, I would joke and tell them I will give them advice, but for a fee.

This is my gift, talent, and skill for the world to use in every aspect of the dating scene. It does not matter if you are heterosexual, homosexual, rich, poor, successful, unsuccessful, white, black, fat, skinny, educated, uneducated, outgoing personality, or just a homebody boring personality. My goal is to provide you all with the answers to nerve wrecking questions that will some day see you into a successful relationship, into a successful marriage, into a happy family, into kids, and finally into old age with family seeing you into the next life. To many of our older generations are dying single and lonely with nobody beside them when they die.

In short; I would like to say Welcome to everyone involved and please have fun and enjoy yourself.