Frequently Ask Questions

Only Uniforms wanted the men and women who are serving their country and who have served their country to have their own dating platform that is tailor made for them.
The purpose is to match men and women who are in the military, law enforcement, and all those wearing none civilian clothes to work with equally interested individuals with similar or even opposite backgrounds.
Only Uniforms is free for everyone to join. To access the entire website and take advantage of all the benefits the website will be a charge of $25.99 per month. Or you can take advantage of the cheaper buy the month subscription. The monthly subscription saves you a considerable amount of money per month.
It is free to cancel.
Once your subscription ends, you won’t be able to receive and respond to messages anymore, but you’ll still be able to sign in to your account. Your profile and photos will remain visible, unless you choose to hide them manually.
Only Uniforms will retain all funds charged to your account until you cancel your subscription through your service account. Certain users may be entitled to request a refund.
To request a refund or exchange, just ask our team of customer care representatives. Please note that refunds are available for purchases of our first-time subscriptions and upgraded diamond users, and the refund total is calculated on a pro-rata basis.
Yes, there are many ways to receive a discounts. We will run promotions during the holidays, you can refer a friend, and we offer random promotions; TBD.
This website was created by LEOs and military members for LEOs, military members, and those not wearing civilian clothes.
Pricing is based on one’s need. If you are just curious, then by the month to month subscription. Or if you would like to actually take time to find your future partner, then it would be cheaper to buy the multi month subscription.