Editors Only Letter

Every day, every week, every month, and every year humans throughout the world break up and make up. And unlike animals that are in the wild that stay with their partners until one of them die or until a bigger, stronger, or younger healthier competitor comes along and takes them away. We play with each others minds, feelings, and emotions as if it is a game. For many, that is exactly what it is.

To be honest; the modern world of dating and marriage is entirely a huge game. If you think deeply about it: Who gets the supermodel male or female? Who gets the star athlete? Who gets the rich and wealthy person? Who gets the celebrity? Who gets that military service member or soldier? And the answer is the person with the best; shall I say, tools, attributes and or best hand. If you ever played spades, poker, or pinochle you know exactly what I am talking.

So, the fact is for the most part; the most attractive, successful, intelligent, rich, and wealthy usually gets the best male or female players in the game. My eNewsletter is simply a collaboration of what is going on around the world of dating, marriage, and or people who are just playing the game. And some of the news will be good and some will be bad. Nevertheless, the world of love is a marathon, not a sprint.

For example, in the game of basketball or any sport for that manner; the players normally chooses a captain. The captains are normally the best players. And from that point, the captain chooses the best within the group of remaining players to join his team. So, it is easy to guess who the captains and regular players will be in the game of dating and marriage. If you are still lost and confused, please take advantage of our; Ask The Expert™ page for all the answers. Remember to add Mahaton Place™: in addition to, Only Athletes™, Only Uniforms™, as well as, the eBook: The Worlds Big2est Secrets™.

Now, as far as marriage, it is the contract part of the game. Again, with the sports and basketball analogy; but it is a great comparison in getting my point across. Marriage can be a beautiful part in your life, if you follow and do not break the rules. And like in sports, if you break the rules of the contract, you will be kicked/cut off the team or out of your house and you will lose everything.

For instance, some of these rules are; if you are caught cheating, if you are an abusive (verbally or physically) person, if you abuse drugs and or alcohol, and if you just plainly lost the love of your partner and you gave up on communicating; all could result in the loss of your family, house, cars, children, and money through divorce. There are people in marriages around the world that are trapped or stuck in the game of marriage that cannot afford to break the contract of divorce.

In conclusion, I will leave you with a joke from Chris Rock; “You can be single and lonely or married and miserable.” The choice is yours; but, with the help of Mahaton Place™, Only Athletes™, Only Uniforms™, our eBook: The Worlds Big2est Secrets™ and our eNewsletters: Luvers Lane™. We will help to reduce and eliminate the chances of you being miserable or lonely.

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