Only Uniforms ™

The reason I created this company is because I was frustrated with the dating scene in America, as well as, the high divorce rate. Statistically, 3-5 out of 10 couples will be divorced within 5 to 10 years of getting married. Now, the figure increases when you take into account how many married couples are still living together, but are miserable. I want to provide a platform for everyone, everywhere, in order to either; restart an old flame or to find new love. Or to just enjoy the dating scene, because not all people want the same things in their love life.

In addition to my mother company Mahaton Place™️; I plan to provide the what to say, where, when, how, in addition to, what to wear, where, and why. I will also provide; Ask The Expert™️ for serious users. This is new and has never been attempted before on a large scale. This will be different because we will be the dating coach, manager, and diary. Also with help from other users, we will help you find long lasting love. We want you to use every available tool and weapon to be happy for many years to come.